How to repair this broken plastic?

I bought this headphones like 2 months ago, and some days ago I found that this plastic was broken. I want to fix it... I don’t know how... please help!

I’m thinking to use Superglue... but I want to listen to someone that knows more than me... thanks!

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Hello man,

How did you solve your broken headphone? I have the same headphone and it's broken in the same way.

I'd be really thankful for any help!

Thanks a mill!



what im going to attemped to do is 3d print my own new peice then upload my files to the internet for other people to improve on or print themselve to stop this issure i think i can design a good enough part maybe i suck at 3d modeling but eh once i have the part desighn noone will have this problem of not being able to get parts you can get them printed


yes please, when you are done creating the model, if you could send me the 3d file you'll help me greatly


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@mbenve super glue won't last. Those repairs are very difficult since there is movement on those parts. Common adhesives do not have the strength for this. The plastic for the headset is most likely some sort of HDPE etc. (just realized never seen a recycle symbol on a headset) I'd try something like Loctite Plastic's bonding or Scotch Weld DP8010 for this repair. The other thing you could try is an UV cure adhesive. You can find those on Amazon etc. If that does not work try to find a headset that is broken on the other side and transplant the parts from that.

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