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My samsung tablet 10.1 is freezing sometimes

my samsung tablet 10.1 keeps freezing and also has like a oil slick on screen. when i charge it, it has a x instead of a lighting strike and powers up slow. my guarante has run out and it only occasionaly freezes. what should i do as i dont want it to stop working altogether so how do i know if its the battery screen or motherboard that needs fixing and how do i fix and also can samsung still fix as its a secondhand device and how would i get hold of them, generally there is no problem except freezing every now and then. what should i do? Please help!

Update (03/18/2018)

Ive done clear cache partition i also tryed to take picture of oil slick mark but it doesnt show up properly so what do i do to get rid of it as i am not aware of it getting wet as i am a secondhand user so i dont lnow wether before it had i know it hasnt since ive had it

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Try restoring it in Odin. Might fix the freezing

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As for the freezing you can try wiping the cashe partition this video shows how on most samsung tabs If this brings no joy you may need to do a complete factory reset. this will cause a lose of all data so remember to back up what you want off the tab before preforming the factory reset . As for the oil stain on the screen could you please post a picture so we can see what you mean This link shows how to add a photo to this question . Was the tablet dropped or has it got wet . Knowing this can also help in fixing it. Hope this helps

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