The Kenmore 90 Series is a washing machine manufactured by Kenmore.

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Washer does not agitate

i replaced the dogs already but the agitator just spins and makes a noise. When i pull up on the agitator the noise stops and it begins to agitate but then stops when i let it go

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@indeep18 what is your washers complete model number?


@indeep18 it had the same symptoms before you replaced the dogs?


complete model # is 11026912691.

I dont recall if it was doing it before. I know the dogs were crumbling and so I thought that was all it was. After replacing them the washer did fine for a little bit but then all the agitator did was spin and wind the cloths around it. When i pulled up on the agitator it started to agitate and would as long as i was holding it up.


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Cause 1

Drive Block or Bell

The drive block connects the washer transmission to the agitator. If the drive block is worn out, the transmission shaft will still move back and forth, but the agitator will only move slightly or will not move at all. Inspect the drive block for damage. If the drive block is worn out, stripped, or damaged, replace it.


You may be able to fix it with just an agitator kit -easy fix.

Here';s how:

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The agitator moves but its like it slips. It turns backwards but then when i pull up on the agitator it starts to catch and begins to agitate.


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