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Fixing a Toy Pull String sound box

It's a Stieff brand Soft toy. And the pull string doesn't retract when it's pulled out.

I have opened it up, and it is all mechnical.

Inside there is:

- A spool for the pull string to wind onto

- A Music Box with a metal comb that is turned by a large spring (This spring is hidden from view)

- A spinner with small spring that turns when the string is retracting.

My question: Before I open up the box any further, can anyone tell me. Is it likely that the spring is the problem? Is it possible to repair a spring?

I can provide photos if that would help.


Thanks for the great responses so far.

As you can see in the image below. I unscrewed the metal base from the plastic housing, and discovered that the spring encased in the grey box isn't able to be unscrewed open :(

As you can see in the green circle I've drawn, this grey case is held closed by a metal pin that is clearly not able to be disassembled. OR is it?

Would I need to open that up to get to the spring?

Any advice would be great. This toy is really lovely, and I'd love to preserve it.

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Brett Nathan post some images with your question. Use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente for that. It will allow us to see what you see. It does sound like the spring, It could be broken (unlikely) or just unhooked. We'll have to see more of this.

- de

Thanks for help. I've added a picture.

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Brett Nathan yes you will have to remove the rest of it as well. Only thing to mindful of is the spring. Take lots of pictures while you take it apart.

Do a online search with term "Yunsheng music box" and there are a few videos that might help.

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It could be that one end of the spring has jumped out from its bracket. I doubt it that spring it self has snapped from rust or usage. So must be the pracket !

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Yes that sounds right, now I'm having trouble getting to that spring, any ideas how I might? (see image I've added to the post above)

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keep unscrewing parts ! notes first, then plastic cover.

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Sorry to hear your lovely toy is not working properly, I too had same issue with a “Santa” that we have had for many years until my youngest grandson pulled the string too far, we took it all apart and found that the wheel that held the drawstring had broken at the base, after much playing around with it and a lot of research finally gave up and bought a new mechanism, good luck, hope you find another way rather than buying a new one, (the fact that we are here in fixit tells me we are the kind of person that would rather repair it than get a new one)

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, we decided to donate the toy to a charity in the hope someone would be able to make better use of it. We won't be buying another one that's for sure

- de

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