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Vizio 58" T.V. model number D58U-D3 has a Worsening blue tint

Hello, my issue is with a Vizio 58" T.V. model number D58U-D3. Over the two months the screen has been producing a blue tint in two different areas. The tint now covers almost the entire screen. I have tried to research this but the only thing I have come across is to replace the main board. Well, I ordered all the guts for this T.V. and replaced it all and the screen did not change at all, it has the same exact blue tint. Now the only thing I can think of since everything except for the screen has been replaced is that the screen is somehow just going bad somehow.

Now to answer some questions that I know will be asked. I verified that this issue happens exactly the same with HDMI, USB connected media, and with the built in Netflix and Youtube. I have checked the two ribbon connections at the bottom of the screen. The T.V. is 2 years old. The menus all have the same blue tint.

Thank You for any help.

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Mine is doing the same thing 2 years old. I am thinking its the backlight because when I adjust it it reduces the blue tint. I have read articles for other tvs where it was the led panels... Im looking into that repair


i called Vizio and they will replace it.I lost my reciept so im stuck with a blue screen.I will never buy a Vizio product again


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@nickbon that does sound like a panel issue. Post some images of what your display shows with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. If it is the panel, there is not much that you can do. Replacement panels are pretty much non-existent and if you do find them, they are more than a new TV.

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