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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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Can I switch motherboard memory capacity?

My S6 Edge has a faulty motherboard and Samsung had a look and its beyond economical repair and past its warranty.

I want to buy another board and get a local repair shop do replace it. But I'm struggling to find another 128gb board, would I be able to replace with either a 64gb or 32gb? Looking on ebay I can get a 64gb for less than £100, so hoping I can just put another one in and im good to go!

Any advice would be appreciated!

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You can change the board with a lower-capacity model, just make sure the local repair shop will accept the job. Also, you need to be absolutely certain that all your stuff will fit on the smaller memory board.

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It is also very important that you match the precise model number of your board. Since you posted prices in Pounds, I will assume your phone is likely British stock, a G925F. Do not replace your board with a G925c/t/a/v/p/0 as they will not be compatible with your g925f charger port flex cable.

Were you to order a g925t/a/c motherboard, you would also have to order a matching g925t flex.

A G925v/p/0 motherboard also may not fit (sit flat) on your existing frame.

Any model number other than G925f will support different 3G and 4G LTE bands, so you may lose support for your carrier.

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