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Lg oled won't power on. the standby light is on. Solved

when I power it on I hear click noise and nothing. I did some research and bought the a the same power supply board and main board. It still does the same thing.Could it be the T-con board?

Update (03/13/2018)

yes lg oled55b7a

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I got the same problem.

Lg oled 55eg910v

Thank you.

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I change the main board and the t- con and still had the same problem.

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Dan G and @ballhead could be the power board as well as a few othre things. You would have to take the back of and take a look at the boards. Check for obvious damage and you may need to measure some of the voltages on your power board etc.

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On powerboard got only 3.5v on 2pins in the cable between power board and main board.

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display is shorted! you can change all boards and still wont turn on!

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I replaced my t con board fix my issue.

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@rekka not sure what you are referring to by "LG oled". I suppose you are inquiring about a TV. We would need to get the proper make and model number to try and help you out. You most likely have not much left to buy other than the T-con board. Not turning on is very seldom (I've never seen it) a t-con board issue. So give us a better idea of make and model and let's see if we can figure this out.

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I'm having the same issue with my OLED 65" TV. Only 6 mos old. Intermittent spontaneous powering down for the last 3 days. Now it won't turn on at all. I've tried resetting - nothing works. Checked all the connections. I'm going to schedule it for warranty repair thru LG. Disappointing! Sorry I didn't have an answer.....

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