Boston Acoustic Horizon Solo Volume Control

The volume knob on my Horizon solo just up and quit functioning one day. Everything else still works fine, but I am unable to adjust (or display) the volume. This seems to be a common problem, as far as I can tell, but I have found no solution. I have tried:

Soft reset (did nothing)

Other sites recommended adjusting volume to 00 and then holding down volume control for 10 seconds. I was able to get the volume down to 00 by repeatedly plugging it in and adjusting volume down one notch at a time (I am stuck at level 24...........when I can manage to get it to display volume level)

I cracked open the case to I could attempt to spray the volume knob stem with some tuner-cleaner, but the access to the controls seemed a bit difficult to reach without some sort of guide to tell me what to do (and what NOT to do)

So as it is, I am stuck with a clock radio with excellent sound (If I like volume level 24) and absolutely no volume control. I hate to brick this thing......I can't really afford to replace it right now.

If anyone has a remedy for this situation, I would greatly appreciate any input I can hear.


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