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How do repair my DSC WX500 lcd screen

Hi, good afternoon so I have a Sony DSC WX500 camera , the problem is when I flip my camera screen there is no dsplay coming out its like a black screen so when I'm taking a selfie I can't see what's in focus. Is there any solutions in my problems? Thanks

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Hi, I’m having problems with my sony dsc-wx500 here and I thought if you could help. The moment I turn on my camera it just shows black screen, not the black that you see whenever the camera is off , it's more like the screen is just projecting a black image. Whenever I click the menu button and anything else I just couldn’t see it on my screen, but I know it’s working because whenever I click the capture button, I hear that camera click noise. I also couldn’t download the photos on my laptop because I know whenever you connect a device in this camera it shows a confirmation button, but since it’s just black screen I couldn’t do anything with it anymore. Oh and btw, I haven’t dropped this camera since I bought it and I always kept it in a dry and safe place, I just don’t know what in the world happened. I hope there’s a solution for this

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Hi @uniqueeh ,

Have you proved that it is the LCD screen that is the problem?

Can you see the camera's menu screens at all in the display?

If you can see the menu screens, try taking a picture (I realize that you cannot see what you are taking in the display) and download it to a computer and check whether there is a good image and not just a black image.

If there is only a black image then the camera's CMOS sensor might be the problem and not the LCD display.

If you cannot see the camera menus then here is a video that shows how to replace the LCD display in the camera.

Replacement LCD screens are available online. Just search for Sony DSC-WX500 LCD replacement part to get results for suppliers.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi @Princess Kaguya

It appears as though the screen backlight is on but there is no display. This may be because there are two cables connected to the screen. One is to power the backlight and the other is for the image information from the motherboard to the screen.

Can you take a few pictures and then see if they has been stored OK on the SD card in the camera by removing the SD card from the camera and then using a card reader connected to a computer to check for the images.

If the images are OK on the card, then most likely the LCD screen is either faulty or has a loose cable connection. Here’s a video that shows how to replace the screen (and also to check the cable connection is OK - part of the removal procedure) The smaller cable is the backlight power cable and the larger is for the image information

If there are no images on the SD card either then there is a motherboard problem.

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If you want to repair it, you will need a set of professional tools.

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