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El Xterra se introdujo en América del Norte en el año modelo 2000 (año calendario 1999) y se comercializó utilizando el lema Todo lo que necesita, nada que no necesite.

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Front bumper almost touching tires

How to remove front bumper

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@magrady try this



1. Remove clips securing front grille and remove the front grille. B''italic text''

2. Remove the side marker lamps.

3. Remove bolts securing left and right bumper stays. C''italic text''

4. Remove the lower grille opening trim. A

5. Remove bolts securing left and right bumper side brackets. D

6. Remove the front fascia.

7. Remove bolts securing left and right bumper from bumper brackets. E''italic text''

8. Remove bumper assembly.

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Block Image

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Mike, you never seem to cease to amaze me with what you can find ;-)

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@mayer yes Sir, got lots of stuff laying around and keep every manual nicely sorted and ready to go. Man, half the time I'd be lost with my repairs if it wouldn't be for those :-))

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do you have any idea on how to put it back on? the clips for the grille are very hard to re install, but if I can't figure it out, I probably will just zip tie it.

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I haven't worked on this particular vehicle before, but from what the pics I could find show they're basic clips. They have to be strong as they're all that hold the grill on. Put it in place, get them lined up, and using the palm of your hand, give it a smack to pop them it. Try to make sure you're smacking where there is a clip, not between 2 clips, to prevent cracking of the plastic. It might take more than one smack but it will go in. Chevy truck grills have some serious clips too, and this is what I use for them. Works every time. Make sure they stay aligned as you go, or you're smacking for nothing.

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