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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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S7 shows charged percentage even with BATTERY REMOVED

Samsung Galaxy S7 owner here. At some point, the original battery got bloated, so I decided to replace it. After the replacement, with the new battery, the phone wouldn't charge and would turn off after as soon as I removed the charging cable. Charging percentage would show a random constant number (the favourite was between 57 and 60 but could vary).

So I took the new battery off and plugged the charger in without a battery attached. And guess what? The phone shows a random charged percentage (this time fav range is 35-40%).

Tried hard resetting, pressing the power button to drain the capacitors, clearing the cache, nothing helped so far. I am clueless where that number could come from and I am guessing that when the battery is hooked on, the phone doesn't even recognise it.

Any help appreciated!

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I had the same exact situation with my S5. Replaced the bloated battery and the same exact issue. From everything I have gathered it's a fairly common issue with Samsungs. The main PMIC or one of its nearby passive components on the motherboard that's hooked directly into the battery terminals has most likely failed. Changing this main PMIC will most likely fix the issue for you.

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