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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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value on smd resistor s6 edge

Hello. I have a problem whit my s6 edge motherboard. I want to change the power ic on the phone. but the problem is the smd resistors on the top of the power ic is damaged.

But i dont know what kind of values they have. on the schematic for the phone it only say: I think it is : C7020, C7043, C7048, C7051 and C7072 but i dont know the resistance on it. Is there anybody that can help me? And where i can get them. any help would be appreciated.

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Regards Knut

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Thank you so much. :-) Is it possible to buy a repair manual where it say the value on the capacitors, and other motherboard parts? This site is the best, i have tried many places, but nobody could help me. So thanks again.

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@gutman24 no there is non official for sale. You can get the service manual for your phone online somewhere but none has the values listed. Samsung use a secondary code like this one 2203-008876 for those. You'll have to do a lot of digging to get those numbers cross referenced

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@gutman24 those are all the same capacitors. They are Samsung 2203-008876 and are 2.2uF 20% 10V X5R in a 0603 package. or will most likely sell those.

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How did you get the values? They aren't in the service manual.

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That's correct. Years of dealing with Samsung's way of listing components and a large database will help with that.

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Can i use 10% Tolerance? Or must i use 20%?

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Thank you again.

Best regards Knut

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