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R2 and L2 button doesn't spring back

I have a problem that my R2 and L2 button doesn't spring back. I was opening it up to fix L3 button but now I have problem with R2 and L2 button..

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If you have had your PS4 controller for awhile the springs metal loose their tension.

You can get replacement springs. Ebay, amazon, etc.

Youtube video shows you how to do it.

DualShock 4 CHU-ZCT2U L1 and R1 Buttons Replacement

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My springs wasnt the same as in the movie but i found out how my springs should be attached! Thank you so much! Now I saved 60 euro!


Well Done :) Double Thumbs up. Don't be scared of trying to fix things. Big companies just want you to buy again. Just take your time. Do a little research. It can be fun to do & save you cash in the process. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

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