Blue Screen is all I get


I was building a hackintosh USB disk for my desktop and by mistake my macbook pro booted from that USB and it stuck at apple logo, then i did force shutdown by pressing power button and disconnected the USB cable, but from then i am only getting blue screen. power button working fine, fan running, usb working as i see mobiles being charged if i connect to laptop, laptop battery being charged too if i connect power adaptor.

When doing SMC reset with power adaptor connected i see after i release SHIFT + CONTROL + ALT + POWER button, laptop auto start but at blue screen. if i shutdown my laptop by pressing power button for 5 sec approx. and connect power adaptor then its power on automatically, backside apple logo light shows and display keeps showing a bit light like blue.

I tried force shutdown, unplug battery and keep unplugged for more than 12 hour but nothing helps. even tried by removing SSD and boot without disk but same blue screen.

SSD working fine in my another macbook pro.

PRAM Reset not working i believe as its not restarting the LAPTOP.

No chime at all but i used to disable sound so not sure if it should work or not.

Any help appreciated.

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