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Modelo A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 o 3.8 GHz Core i5 o 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Procesador (ID iMac18.3) / Retina 5K. Consulta las guías anteriores de iMac Intel 27 "Retina 5K Display (finales de 2014 y 2015) ya que el sistema es muy similar.

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Temperature and fans runs crazy

The working temperature is 100 degrees and the fans 2700 rpm when the processor is working above the 90 percent in the i7 model, is this normal?

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This screenshot was taken after one minute exporting a 5 minute hd video with Da vinci resolve app

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If you are still covered under warranty I would bring it into an Apple Store.

If not... Can you download TG Pro and paste a screenshot of the main window so we can see whats happening.

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Here it is, temperature and fans run over.

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Bring it to Apple - but sometimes computers overheat a bit when you're working it to hard. Does it always do this, or does it depend what you're doing on it?

If you play games on it or leave 50 tabs open at once, it may get a bit warm.

If it's not when you're overworking it, definitely get it checked out. Are you still under warranty?

Regular Apple warranty is 90 days after you buy it. (I believe)

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The computer is still under warranty and I have been describing the problem since the first week, but nobody paid any attention, it was reviewed online by apple care and they could not give me an answer, then I went to the nearest official Apple technical service and they told me: "After run and successfully pass the official hardware diagnostics of Apple is not problems indicated by the client" but if I export a 5 minute hd video the cpu reaches 95-98 degrees and the fans reach 2700 rpm in less than a minute, It is worrying no? Maybe I'm crazy but I have never seen this before and nobody from Apple answers.

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Do you still have the receipt? Is there any way you can exchange it? I'm sure you're not crazy, if that happened to my $2000+ computer, I'd be super worried too. Maybe it's a faulty computer, definitely not you because it's relatively new. Take it in and ask to return it/exchange it. That's not fair! I hope you can work things out. Sorry to hear that they won't listen.

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