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HP CM1312: All colors are showing up in print very light


I have been looking around on web and on your page, but so far I did not find solution for below issue with HP CM1312MFP.

I have checked service manual and made case with HP support also, but no luck with either.

So may be you can advice on troubleshooting?


All colors are showing up in print much lighter than what they did when I replaced cartridges in Nov. 2017.


I noticed in printing attached document that all colors are showing up in print much lighter than what they did when I replaced cartridges in Nov. 2017.

In particular (see attached doc for comparison):

dark yellow/orange printed as light yellow

black text showing up pretty pale

dark blue showing up as light blue

What I have done so far:

All 4 cartridges replaced back in Nov. 2017. OK after this

Today I tried to replace cyan and black cartridges => same issue

Cleaning and calibrating as per manual

Visually inspected all 4 cartridges, nothing found

Setup: Checked both on WIN XP SP3 and WIN7 SP1 – same issue

Any suggestions?



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Same problem with CM1312nfi. First was light color, or no color. Once pink, then red. Once yellow, then orange. Sky blue, to deep sea black.

Three shades of black on same page ! Never a green.

Same as you described.

6 Weeks later-

Installed new non-HP Cyan cartridge. Printer acknowledges non-HP.

Blue prints ok.

Installed new non-HP Magenta cartridge. Printer acknowledges non-HP.

Red prints ok.

Installed new non-HP Yellow cartridge. Printer acknowledges non-HP.

Yellow prints ok.

Installed new non-HP Black cartridge. Printer acknowledges non-HP.

Black prints ok.

Print the Demo page. Perfect Demo page !

But, but, I didn't do anything ! And the old carts are not empty !

This is crazy. I'll pretend I didn't write this.

I think the bad news is, when 1 goes bad, we must replace all 4 ????

Thank you very much.


Hi Tom

Have you checked to grounding of the printer?

In my case issue was intermittent, some days it was OK other days not.

And issue was the same with both original HP as well as compatible cartridges.

br Peter


After losing two canon lasers in a power-outage, I put the new printers on a UPS, wired direct from the service box. (ie: not using the house wiring). Thanks for the tip. I'll alligator the two printer chassis just to make sure.


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Hi all

Thanks to advice from I have fixed light print issue now by connecting proper ground.

So this means that high voltage card is OK.



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This is the craziest printer problem ever......... Read my comment above.

And the bad news is, you'll need more money !

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