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iPhone 7 camera lens replacement questions...

Camera lens on my iphone 7 is cracked, I have a few questions....

(1) I bought the "glass with frame" and not "glass only", can the glass with frame be replaced without opening the phone? If I need to open the phone to install the glass with frame, is there any way I can take the frame off so it's like the "glass only" so I can install without opening the phone?

(2) I'd like a clean method of replacing it (i.e. opening the phone and replacing it from the back) versus the guides on here advising me to crack the glass and glue one on top. But if I open the phone will it lose it's water resistant capability?

(3) The guide here lists it as medium difficulty, I've done some hard difficulty things without any issues, Is the easier method to just crack the glass and glue one on top? I am just afraid it might not appear clean (is anything glued ever clean?)

(4) Will my ex girlfriend's hair dryer she left here + tweezers work? I don't have a hot heat gun.

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Try not to scratch the lens of the camera while removing the remnants.


It is important to use the proper equipment, if you do it with plastic materials you wont scratch the surface.


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Follow this guide:

iPhone 7 Camera Cover Glass Replacement

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Honestly, I'd go with jerryrigeverything's video

either way I don't know the rest, but on 4, a heatgun is basically a hairdryer that can set your hair on fire. so, the hairdryer is not as hot, but should still cut it.

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Good job, thanks for the guide, did you use the same tools as jerry or sth else?


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