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El Nissan Altima es un automóvil de tamaño mediano fabricado por Nissan, y podría decirse que es una continuación de la línea Nissan Bluebird, que comenzó en 1957.

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front end shaking hard

when driving the front end shakes really bad

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Could you please give us some detailed information about when it shakes, when it shakes harder or more. When it shakes less. Are there any sounds etc.... Does breaking make the shaking get better or worse. Does it shake more when the road is uneven? Does staying at a constant speed make it shake less? Does stepping on the gas make it shake more or less? You are our eyes and ears.

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When shake like it's going to stop

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Shaking whiles driving , low speedy you feel it in your hand, high speedy is more shaking or vibrating

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Start with the brakes and rotors. Check the pads for wear and consider replacing the rotors or at the very least having the rotors turned at an auto parts store, or a garage. A word of caution in turning rotors though, it makes them thinner and thereby weaker and they will tend to warp easier next time you drive.

Have your tires balanced and if they are worn, it could cause shaking and shimmying. You may want to replace those too. A cheaper option than new tires would be used tires at your local tire store. I have done this before but of course they need to be replaced sooner.

Perhaps replace or repack your wheel bearings.

Check the possibility you need new front struts.

Good luck, let us know


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I've got new brakes, new tires, new front struts and it's still shaking really bad.

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I also just replaced all 4 motor mounts because 3 if them were wore out.

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I too am experiencing this hard shaking. It's not so while driving on the streets, but rather when I accelerate on the frwy between 60-80+ mph. When I release the gas pedal it stops. I have replaced both L & R sway bars and outer tie rod ends. Also, brake pads were changed. What my friend did find while doing all this was the CV joints were worn pretty bad and the axle needs replacing. Possibly the struts as well. Unfortunately, I don't have all the history on this car since I am the second owner and have only had it for 5 months. I'm certain changing these last couple of things will fix that shaking. Also, this car has much bigger rims and tires causing it wear harder on the struts. Good thing I had already planned on going back to stock rims & tires anyway.

Hope this tips from my current situation helps someone here.

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0-35 nothing 40+ violent shaking

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I'd say 40 because it is violently shaking

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