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Apple "stainGate" screen problems - looking for quick, viable solution


I am looking for a quick, viable solution to the Apple "StainGate" issue, one that does not take hours. We are looking for an in-house solution that can remove the coating "assembly line" style while the screen is left in place.

I have read through various iFixit forums, but am looking for a faster, easy to repeat process.

Issue: When using certain cleaners, the anti-glare coating becomes permanently "blotched". Apple is aware of this issue (see first link below) and has extended the warranty on the laptops with this issue, however this is not a solution for us (many of the units fall out of this extended warranty).

The other solutions we have seen are people removing the blotched antiglare coating with metal polish, however, when we tried this solution it took repeated applications and was an extremely slow process (see our tech note below). We even tried it with a hand held buffer as well as various solvents.

This was from our tech:


The process take a lot of time. Quite tiring

I tried it on my Macbook (2014 Retina 13") Though it does work (I used rubbing alcohol and Peek like the video) some parts came of really slow.. took dozens and dozens of applications, after an hour or so maybe 15% was done. Next day I continued, but this time I pre-wiped the screen with Bison Magic Wipes (for paint removal) after another hour doing Wipes->Peek rubbing->Ethanol cleaning the whole screen was smooth as a baby butt :-) The magic wipes really loosened the coating. Also while doing it the screen looks terrible.. just be patient and after a few hours it will look great!

And that’s just for one unit…



One person said what worked best for them was Peek Metal Polish (actually also polishes acrylic, etc) followed by rubbing alcohol for removing the anti-glare coasting. Also PolyWatch for the fine screen scratches. But again, these processes were too time intensive.


Any input would be welcomed.


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I'm fighting with a macbook air screen, same problem, a endless number of attempts with different day use chemicals and some solvents, but no real solution here either. Some parts of the screen are easily removed even with isopropyl alcohol, others seem to be hard as granite, awful coating. I've had some success with harder parts with some hardwood ashes plus alcohol, leaving screen in a pretty good shape, but it's a time consuming, I must have already wasted a couple of hours on it probably.

Couldn't find anything really useful around the net unfortunately.

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