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La actualización de 2014 del HP Chromebook 11 original.

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Chromebook 11 Power Issues.

This little laptop would die if it didn't stay plugged in, forgetting all my work along with it. So I stopped using it. Now, that Im in need of a laptop, it wont even turn on.

If I press the power button twice a yellow light blinks. If I tap twice and hold the yellow light stays on until I release the power button. (only if plugged in) it will also blink yellow if i tap it rapidly. Which I'm aware is useless..

Someone told me this model has no internal power source. But that cant be true... Computer stores are telling me to try phone guys, phone guys are telling me theyre not computer techs, theyre cell techs. Idk where to go. Not sure what else to try.

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Sounds like it initially had a bad battery. I'd say try opening up the Chromebook, unplug the battery and then plug the AC in and see if it fires up. If it does, while the AC is plugged in, plug the battery back in. If not, I'd recommend buying another Chromebook because they are not economically repairable (the cost of repair is higher than a used, working Chromebook).

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The HP 11 Chromebook has a special battery with three cells and a protection circuit that will shut down when the cells drop below 2.5 V each or less than 7.5 VDC on the entire battery. I know because I am typing this answer on my HP 11 Chromebook, which had the same symptoms. I had to open the Chromebook to check the battery, and I did test each cell. I did a local cell charge on each and brought the up to 4 VDC for a total of 12 VDC but the protection circuit has a special chip (BQ30Z554-R1) that shuts down the battery. I searched for the specific chip and it has logic to do that, and there is no way to reset it, so my only solution was to buy a new battery . You can find the on eBay and it will cost less than a new Chromebook. If I managed to replace my battery, so can you.

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