Looking to revive an nintendo 2ds from ebay

Hey Gang, how's everything?

I am trying to revive a 2DS I bought from eBay and what is happening is that console won't turn on and no LED will light up.

So I disassemble the console, removed everything, trying to find something obvious but so far no luck.

This board is the AU-C/FTR-20, different from most of the boards you can see online, and because of that I cannot find the fuse locations, this board has no silk describing the components :(. So my first question is where is the location of the fuses?

Following with my analysis I was able to verify that I can charge the battery, the battery does charge even though there is no LED on to tell you that. I tested, with my multimeter that the power is going in the board and charging the battery.

So my second question would be: what else can I look and test to bring this console back to live?

I tried reseting the cables whitout success, light nothing. I also made sure the sleep button was off and I even tried to to the hard reset, by pressing L,R,UP,A and power.

Any ideias what else could I look in to it?



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