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iPhone Not Turning On After Using Cheap Wall Charger

I had a fully functioning iPhone 6s until a few days ago. Will traveling with my family, my dad brought a wall charger that we later found to be faulty after my phone died. The minute I plugged the charger into the outlet to charge my phone, it first froze and then died.

I have tried multiple steps to try to bring the iPhone back to life. I would do a hard reset, but that wouldn't work. Honestly, my iPhone has no signs of life thanks to the faulty wall charger. What can I do to fix this problem? Is the logic board officially fried and therefore unusable?

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Could be one of many things or could be a combination of them:

- Charging port and battery blown (You would need to replace both at the same time to get the phone to work properly)

- Battery gone bad from faulty wall charger (Battery just needs to be replaced if that's the only part faulty)

- Charging chip, power management chip gone bad (Tristar, board-level / microsoldering repair)

- Main processing chip gone bad, if this is the case the phone is basically paperweight.

- One or more capacitors near the main processor chip shorted (in this case they usually get removed and if needed replaced as well).

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Ben I'd say you've gone a little too far :)

Using a non-original charger causes a malfunction in the motherboard that is connected to the U2 component.

Throw away the charger, go to a professional lab to replace the component.

Use only original charger % cable! also in the car(greffen approved by apple - car charger very good!)

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