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Mini flashlight by Maglite that uses a single AAA battery.

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Is it possible to repair the twist-switch on the Maglite Solitaire?

Even when it is the 'twist-on' position, the flashlight keeps flickering and switching off by itself. Is there a way to repair this?

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Yes. You can get all replacement parts on ebay e.t.c.

Probably don't need anything in this instance.

From my experience it can be, in order of most common:

  1. Tightness.
  2. Spring Compression. (Just pull spring in cap end out a little.)
  3. Battery length. (Some are a couple of mm shorter than others.)
  4. Battery Low in charge.
  5. Clean where top of battery makes contact.
  6. Bulb failing.

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Thank you so much, Jason G!

All I had to do was to extend the spring a bit and it works perfectly now :)

I certainly need a refresher course in common-sense :P


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I first thought there was an issue with the screw mechanism because the light would give very short bursts of light, but after putting in a fresh battery it works again like a dream. Thanks for the tips.

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Glad you ifixed your torch :)

Like I mentioned above. You have to be careful about the length of the batteries. rechargeables seem to be a couple of mm shorter in some cases.

Also unscrew the top & make sure the plate where the top of the battery meets is clean. Just use some isopropanol or if you don't have that nail polish remover is ok. It is all about getting good electrical contact. All the Best Jason G


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