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CPU getting really hot and barely charging

Ive just recently changed the battery on my iphone and the LCD and it was working perfectly fine, however when i changed the battery i teared the flex cable for the silent swtich. So I replaced the whole chassis and put everything back into place and replaced the flex cable but for some reason the phone turns on when I put the power cable in but does not charge/goes up a few % but does not show the lightning icon. The CPU gets really hot and the flashlight does not work.

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I have removed the EMI shield for a better view of the circuit board.

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I can also note that i have used super glue on the lock button and I dont know if thats too close to the cpu causing it to get hot.


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With so many things changed at the same time, that's a lot of variables that need to be eliminated.

Firstly, why did you change the chassis if all you did was tear the power button flex? Yet you also mentioned that after the chassis change, you replaced the flex. Was this an empty chassis or one from another device?

Fake charging is usually logic board related (Tristar) but in this case, you may have damaged the charge port flex.

At this point, you need to troubleshoot with know good parts and try only one thing at a time. Start with Lightning Port flex and battery. If you don't have access to known-good parts, you could consider asking a shop to look at this.

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Would there be any way to check if it is the charging port like disconnecting a connector?


If you disconnect the charging port, you won't be able to test if the charging works or not.


Would there be a way to test the charging port by using a multimeter?


Not really...


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