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El Xterra se introdujo en América del Norte en el año modelo 2000 (año calendario 1999) y se comercializó utilizando el lema Todo lo que necesita, nada que no necesite.

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I think I busted my timing belt

I have a supercharged Nissan xterra, it was really low on gas so i drove to get it gas, but it wouldn't go over 20mph unless i put it in supercharge got gas it was fine driving out of the gas station but then it would only go to 20 again i got it to 45 almost turning onto the freeway and it turned off in the middle of driving it i made a u-turn and the power streeing went out thats how i know it shut down, it wont start up now, it will act as if it is going to turn on but never really starts up? now when i check the reader it says camshaft or crank shaft sensor (not sure witch one), but it didn't have the code there before this happened.

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Check the distributer. I was traveling down the highway, and it was running rough, so I slowed down and ended up going 20, before having to just finally pull over. The bearing had gone out in the distributer. I bought a new one for about 200, installed it, and it runs great now, 30,000 miles later. I'm at 230,000 now.

2001 Nissan Xterra XE

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Ditto on the distributor. Mine went out as well and the car was really struggling. Took the old one out, and just like @ifoster, a bearing seems to have gone out. Replaced with the distributor assembly from my parts car and now it’s driving great again!

Edit: I have a 2000 XTerra.

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