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A color version of the Nintendo Game Boy, released in 1998. Repair of this device is straightforward.

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I have a problem with my gbc screen cnat really explain it

so I had i problem with my select button at the start

I tried using the eraser to clean out the select/start part on the mainboard

after I re-assembled it and turned it on, the screen wasn't working properly

it does turn on, but the starting logo (gameboy logo) show only the outline

and ofter that nothing will show on

I tried turning the contrast screw but nothing seems to help with the problem

nedd help! thank you

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My best guess would be that you shorted something out with static electricity while handling the board. If that is the case there is no easy fix if any depending on which part got damaged. But of course that all depends on your environment. Do you have carpet on the floor? Do you like to wear woolly shirts?

If so you probably should discharge yourself by touching something grounded like a metal sink before working on hardware.

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Have you tried giving the screen ribbon cable and wipe, you might also want to try cleaning the ribbon connector on the mainboard. Use a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol to clean up the ribbon and connector, ensure you let it dry out and then test the results.

Hope this helps.



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