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Backlight is out but tv still works can see with flashlight

Vizio 55in E550I-B2E

Watching tv and it just went out..waited one day and tried to see if it would come back on and it didn’t I thought it was completely black until I used a flashlight and could use the remote to still do things..I haven’t checked for sound..I’m just trying to figure out is it backlights or should I just get a new tv

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@west12 definitely fixable. If you can see that picture with a flashlight, you lost the backlight. This is most commonly because of a failed power board. A replacement board cost ~$80USD and the replacement is straight forward. Remove the back of your TV after you unplug it and see if everything is properly connected. You can post some images of your boards and the layout of them on your TV set with your question. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. It will allow us to see what you see. That way we can guide you further if needed.

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Ok I added pictures and I did check sound sound still work and picture does too with flashlight but no backlight so should just get that fixed?


I definitely would. I'd start with a power board replacement. while you have your board still connect etc. check the voltage on CN201. Multimeter in DC mode, on 50V scale and negative probe to ground positive to the 20V pin. Let us know what voltage you are getting.


Think if I just buy the power supply board I should be ok?


YEs it absolutely could be. You check the output the way I've described 2 comments up;-)


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