Got new battery in, but phone won't turn on.

I also did this, but battery was still connected when it happened. Got new battery in, but phone won't turn on. (plugged into charger, I get Apple logo loop, nothing when connected to computer)!

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@fmw63 are you saying that you punctured the battery while trying to remove the battery of your iPhone 6s Plus?


yes, but iphone 5


I recommend first trying a hard reset by holding down the power and home buttons until you see the apple logo then release both. I do not expect this to work. If this fails you might want to look into DFU mode. DFU mode will restore your iPhone, YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA not backed up. To use DFU mode to deep restore your device you can follow this ifixit guide or follow my favorite DFU mode youtube video. Hope this helps.


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I have similar issue, I've replace the battery but nothing happened. To fix it you need to repeat the steps from this guide:

How to repair not charging or quckly discharging battery issue in an iPhone 5s

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Take it out and try it again

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