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Should I replace the logic board

Well, my macbook pro 15 late 2011 has been going crazy for a few months now. I had no idea of the logic board problem, and of course Apple did not really contact anyone who might be affected (no recall like automobiles I guess). I think it is the logic board as I had problems with running fan, and high kernel (I am not familiar with the jargon here) usage. The problem recently has been rebooting with a fuzzy screen (horizontal little lines) that went to a gray screen and then rebooted. It does seem that when it gets hot the problem comes up. Also, shutting down the computer was caused this problem. I took it to the Apple genius and they tested it and said the HD was about to fail. I purchased a new one and installed it myself. While I reloaded the OS however, the fuzzy screen and then the gray screen started again. I am beginning to think that it is the logic board that has already been replaced in June 2014. So I am thinking of replacing it myself if it isn't too hard a job.. any suggestions? thanks

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If its the all to common gpu issue it should show up on a apple diagnostics. you can do this your self follow this link, not to criticise apple but when I worked their sometimes genius's would miss the gpu errors as once the diagnostics failed on one thing it couldn't go any further for example if you have a gpu issue but your hard drive is also faulty when you run the diagnostic your hard drive would come back faulty first and wouldn't go any further. (I hope this makes sense)


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Well now for sure the computer failed totally. While at the genius bar the video card went nuts and the computer, after showing all lines, colors and dots went gray. Logic board fried. They told me to dump the machine and buy a new one. Now I am wondering if I could purchase this board somewhere and put it in myself. I looked at a video and it seemed really complicated with the many switches and components. The HD was really easy to do, but this one... not sure. What do you think? thanks for your opinions. ciao


dose the machine still power on or is it completely dead now? the removal of the logic board isn't difficult so long as your following a guide and work slowly to ensure you remove everything in the correct order and reseat everything properly. On the terms of you buying a new board its near impossible to find one that won't die with the same issue. apple never revised the board all they did was replace them with the same part they never actually fixed the issue therefor almost all boards you will buy they will most likely end up with the same issues.

However if your looking to upgrade your MacBook soon or in the near future it may be worth trying a reflow I recently done this on the exact model you own. this is known as a temporary fix however depending on how you use and look after it it can last over a year. when I mean looking after it I mean increasing fan curves not using it wrapped in a towel or on a bed.

Sorry for my late reply please let me know how you feel so I can help anyway possible.


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