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Phone not charging after ios11.2.5 update

Did battery replacement worked great until 1-29-2017 after ios 11.2.5 update and now battery still not charging. Did restart, hard restart and new charging cable.

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Can you try using different adapters (instead of cables) and try to plug it into your pc to see if it charged from there or at least recognizes it? Also check if there’s no dust in the charging port


Bought new cord and it is good to go.


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If you see all the 8-pins in the charging port and charging cables plug in fully then the Tristar chip needs to be replaced.

It's what usually goes bad and makes phones not charge after the battery goes flat or stop charging all together.

It's a micro-soldering job that can only be done by people that replace them all the time.

You may be able to find someone that does it in your area, it isn't too expensive to do, around $40-$80 average, well at least in my area.

And to avoid Tristar going bad again, use original cable + original wall charger and avoid using car chargers, that way it'll never go bad again.

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