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GPU issue less than 3 years old--can I convince apple to repair?

I bought this MacBook less than 3 years ago and have been having an increasing number of issues with it, including overheating, mouse skipping, horizontal lines, ripples, etc. I bought it from Amazon in India, and I took it to apple in the US in December when I was there. They said nothing was wrong with it and just updated it to Sierra. The visual problems have only gotten worse--apparently the GPU is an issue. I shouldn't have to pay more than the price of the laptop to fix this since the logic board would need to be changed as well. Actually, I really shouldn't have to pay for any of it in my opinion. I know the retina mid 2012 had an issue for which they had a repair extension program, but this honestly falls under that. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I didn't buy it from Apple here--Apple was the seller on Amazon, so not sure who is liable. This is my second MacBook to have had motherboard issues in less than 3 years. I basically had to abandon using my white book because it was costing more to repair than to buy a new one. The authorized service provider here sucks to make things worse -- theres no real apple. Please advise.........I was on the verge of upgrading but have ended up putting it off because of the other issues.

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Hi Zoon AA,

If I were you I would check to see if I had bought the Apple Care when purchased on Amazon, this would affect the price of repairs and if they would be willing to take care of the issue. I would also consider looking for parts and repair guides online such as, ifixit, ebay, or other well known macbook part sellers.

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