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iPhone 8 home button compatible with iPhone 7?

Hi, I’ve been looking for a home button for my iPhone 8, and I found some “iPhone 7/8 home button..” on eBay (the same product for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8)

Is the home button from an iPhone 7 compatible with the iPhone 8?


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No, and putting another home button on will not work. Same as it was with iPhone 7.

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I know that Touch ID will not work but the home button yes, right?

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Nope, even the home button wont work too.

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Ben is correct :-)

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Indeed Ben is right, it's an sensor and not an button anymore so they liked the hole sensor and touch id to the motherboard so you can't get those functions without that iPhone's original home "button"

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I replaced an iPhone 7 home button and it worked fine?

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The button function will absolutely still work. Everyone is so unclear and doesn't bother to clarify or try and answer this correctly. So let's make it easy:

The two models buttons are interchangeable

You WILL lose your touch ID function 100% of the time when replacing a button in general

But the "home function" of the button will work fine.

Depending on the quality and brand of the button replacwnt it may have very limited features but most have all other "gestures" or "features" the original has just without the fingerprint scanning aspect.

Hope this helps anyone! If tl:dr... Sorry, not sorry. Enjoy!

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