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Reuse the LCD panel as a monitor

I have a 17" MBP screen which i'd like to reuse as an external monitor.

The screen (ltn170ct10-a05) has a I-PEX 20474-140E-12 connector.

The driver i purchased on ebay (m190a1-l01) has a wide flat connector compared to the one of the screen.

I'm stuck at the part of connecting the screen and the driver together since the cables don't match. I'm pretty familiar with soldering but i'm not completely sure which cable goes where.

Links to the datasheets :


Block Image

Block Image




I might have the wrong driver as well. The seller on Ebay said that it would be compatible but looking at the information on Panelbook it doesn’t mention the screen i have.

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@paparashie ready to start from scratch? What type of panel (make and model) what driver board do you have? What connector/adapter thing? where are you stuck? I get notifications if you use the @oldturkey03 format


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@paparashie your driver is definitely not what I expected. The datasheet speaks about a Chi Mei CCFL backlight monitor whereas your monitor is a LTN170CT10-A05 which is a LED backlight monitor. So whatever driver you have will not work. I am not sure which seller or which part you bought, but it would help to get that information from you so we can check even further. Or at least post some picture of the driver you received. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

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I added some photo's of the driver @oldturkey03

Did you managed to make a converter for your screen?


I actually gotten some online. I currently am in possession of 4 converted LCD screens and use them for things like my inspection camera as well as a surveillance camera. Had one hooked up to cable and used as TV. Inexpensive way of reusing the screens. You issue right now is the cable from your LCD driver to the LCD screen won't connect...???


@oldturkey03 that sounds really great! Did you used screens with that small I_PEX connector?

Perhaps you can tell me what type converter you've got. Or maybe you know the name of the connector my driver has? Is it a 40-pin LVDS?


@paparashie I did get all old mine online from a company out of China. Have you contacted the vendor you received your driver from and requested more information? the wires I get are the once that are made for the panel. The trick here is the output of the connector pinout has to match the connector on the panel. Let me see if I have more information on the once I have.

the last order I placed for those were from a seller driverboard


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