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Released in 2011, the Asus K53SV is a 15.6-inch laptop with a 2nd-generation Intel processor and a dedicated Nvidia graphics card.

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How to Adding second HDD to a Asus K53SD laptop?

my Laptop is Asus K53SD

how to Adding second HDD and Ram to a Asus K53SD laptop?

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Here is a video which shows how to replace the HDD with a SSD and re-install the HDD using a caddy in the DVD drive bay in an Asus K53SD laptop.

The video commentary is in Russian but the video is self explanatory.

Looking at the video it appears that the RAM slots are next to the HDD (shown near the beginning of the video during the removal/insertion of the HDD/SSD).

The specifications for the laptop state that it has two ( 2) SO-DIMM sockets for memory handling up to a total of 8GB SDRAM - DDR3 1333 MHz.

Hopefully this is of some help

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my labtop is: Asus K53SD laptop.

i buy SSD Hard: Samsung 860 Evo SSD Drive 250GB

Which CADDY model should I buy?

- de

Hi @ Global Ninety,

Just search online for Asus K53SD caddy to get results.

Here's a link to just one supplier to give an idea of the price of the part.

There are plenty of other suppliers that may suit you better.

- de

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Hi Global Ninety, you will need to get SATA Hard Drive Caddy Case.

In this case, the CD / DVD drive would be used for secondary hdd, Do note on the mm on the drive caddy in order to fit onto your laptop properly.

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