Riding mower won't start

Hi, My Craftsman model 917.250, Kohler 26 horse won't start.

I hop on, depress brake, turn key, engine turns over.

It has good spark at spark plug - removed plug, reattached plug wire, turned engine over with end of plug held near metal frame, sparks.

Checked fuel, also squirted starter fluid in carburetor, turned engine over, still won't fire.

Squirted starter fluid directly in cylinder - removed plug, squirted fluid in cylinder, replaced plug, turned engine over, no fire.

Checked for damaged flywheel key, okay too.

Scratching my head, puzzled, any ideas?"

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Scot Mckone if you have fuel and spark check your timing as well as your valves. You may not have compression


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try to bypass the ignition switch by puling it and closing the circuit manually

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If it is getting spark, how will over-riding ignition switch help?


It may not, but I like to remove as many things from the system as possible when troubleshooting.


The brake sensor may not be working too. It sound like you have been very thorough. Compression as mentioned by oldturkey may be your best bet.


Has compression. how do you check timing?


Scot, try using this previous thread as there seems to be a lot of similar issues...

Craftsman tractor engine compression or timing issue


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