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iPhone 6S Components on PADS Layout Viewer


I´m have been looking for the possible reason why my iPhone 6S is not charging, I have read some topics about the possible problems that could cause it to not charge, some of them talk about the Tristar IC, but not only they as well talk about some other places that I should check as well in order to have a full diagnostic, of the voltage going through the phone. I don’t have the full understanding of the board circuits, so I have checked for an application that could give that to me. I will post two prints of that, but one for iPhone 6 and the other for the iPhone 6S.

I have been looking for those names, but I could not found anything that assure me that those names were correct. But for the iPhone 6 I have seen lots of confirmations about the showed names on the print.

Are the components started by the “X” on iPhone 6S correctly, or the displayed information is incorrect on PADS Layout Viewer?


Block Image

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The designations on the PADS boardview (starting with X's) do not correspond with the schematic diagram so that will make troubleshooting very difficult. Your best bet is to find the is available in the wild (sorry, can't share it here).

Here is a snapshot from the schematic that corresponds to your view:

Block Image

Using the schematic will allow to follow the circuit and see where those components are located. As an aside, Tristar is a good bet for charging issues but it could also be Tigris/PMIC.

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