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Modelo A1311 / Mediados de 2011 / Procesador Core i5 de 2.5 y 2.7 GHz o Core i7 de 2.8 GHz

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Do I need to replace the thermal paste?

I'm opening my iMac to install an SSD. Since i'm opening it already, I thought, what else can get better here ?

So, should I replace the thermal paste/pads ? The CPU is currently at 57ºC, idle, and the fans are running at 1400 RPM (room temperature is about 28ºC) . Of course the back of the iMac is hot, as expected, but the screen is hot too. I don't know if that's expected to happen.

In the case of a replacement, what should I use ? I've heard of K4 and K5. Why those and are they really necessary? Are pads better? What about Arcticlean remover ?

Thank you in advance.

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It is necessary to put any thermal pads back and reapply thermal paste to places where the thermal paste was disturbed. Thermal paste needs a good seal without air bubbles. you also do need to clean off the old thermal paste before reapplying Cómo aplicar pasta térmica first thing said in the guide:

{caution sign} Thermal paste is responsible for conducting heat from the processor to the heat sink. Reassembling a computer without applying thermal paste will cause the processor to overheat, resulting in permanent damage.

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Hi Enrique,

Have you replaced the thermal paste? did it help? I have a mid2010 27" that is also hot on the back and on the screen.

I've already opened and cleaned it out but am thinking on getting an SSD and wondering if it's a good idea to replace the thermal paste and whether it would help or not.

Thank you!

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Actually I decided not to give myself all that trouble.

I haven't replaced it, also haven't measured temperature in a while but its about the same as when I first posted.

Instead of replacing my HDD with an SSD, I bought an ssd adapter for the optical drive (not sure what they really call it). I then removed the Optical Drive and placed the SSD there. This way you have waaaay less things to worry about, and is also a much faster procedure.

On my 2011 iMac, I get SATA II speeds, can't get III via the optical drive sata cable. But it is still so fast I can't notice the difference. My computer feels like a new one (actually even faster than a 2015 dell laptop I've got, with an i5 processor that is 4 years newer).

Not sure if you will get SATA I or II speeds on a 2010 machine tough.

To sumarize, I haven't touched my processor, I don't think this temperature is a problem and it's definitely not affecting speed.

Hope this helped!

- de

It surely helped!

I think I'm gonna do the same and stop worrying about the temperature thing. I've been monitoring my machine and it seems to be "normal".

I also have SATA II available and that optical drive adapter seems to be a good ideia. I'll take a look on it.

Thanks again!

- de

Yeah, I think that's the best way to go.

Sure, you're welcome!

- de

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