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Thermal Pad Thickness for GPU vrm/memory chips on Mid 2011 iMac 27"

Hi -

I've got a Mid 2011 27" Intel iMac. I need to replace my AMD Radeon 6970M 1GB (it fried). I will replace it with another working 6790M card. I'd like to use some thermal pads for the VRAM chips..

Does anybody know what is the minimum thickness for the pads that I can use are?

(Fyi: Apple doesn't disclose the gap distance between chips & heat sink plate).

I appreciate any feedback you can give.

Thanks. S

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Sadly I haven't measured the thickness of the pads. The different boards have needed different sizes. So I don't try to take note. If you still have the original pad in good shape take a micrometer to measure it. Instead I use a finger gage to test out the gap and then use the same size or slightly larger.

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Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, Apple uses some type of paste on the vrm chips surrounding the processor. I'm think about using a high performance thermal pad which has thermal conductivity of 17W/mk (fyi: that's higher than a good quality thermal paste like Arctic Mx-4 with is rated at 8 W/mk. Ideally, I don't want to compromise the performance of the pad by using one that's too thick.


Apple used a gapping paste on some. A good quality pad I think is better than the paste.


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