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The Explorer saw significant exterior, interior, and suspension updates for the 1995 model year, losing all its exterior bodywork shared with the Ford Ranger.

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Replace new starter but still won't start on 1995 ford explorer

I have a question about my 1995 ford explorer... ! My starter went out so I got new one and replace new starter... and now still won't start... all I hear is click... and when I turn on the key to start ... positive battery cable gets heat up and smoke... I did every thing right to replace the starter.... does this mean my regulator is out...? Need help... can't figure this out....

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2 Respuestas

It may be a short in the wiring harness. If the cable is getting hot that’s a pretty big sign that there is a electrical short. You might have pinched the cable or connected it to the wrong terminal.

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A click indicates there is not enough amperage to engage the solenoid and turn over the starter [make it spin]. Have your battery load tested.

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