The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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My washing machine tub won't spin. This is an old Kenmore model 110.

It stopped spinning a few days ago during the rinse and spin cycles. The water still fills and drains but when it should be spinning, it just makes a clicking noise.

We've had this unit for ten years and it had a previous owner before that. We're trying to decide if it is fixable and if it is worthwhile to try to fix or if we should just invest in a new machine.


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Cause 1

Lid Switch Assembly

The lid switch assembly prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is open. If the lid switch assembly fails, the washer will not spin. To determine if the lid switch assembly is defective, use a multimeter to test the lid switch for continuity. If the lid switch does not have continuity, replace it.

Cause 2

Motor Coupling

The motor coupling connects the motor to the washing machine transmission. If the washer is overloaded, the motor coupling will fail in order to protect both the motor and transmission. The motor coupling can also fail due to normal wear. Inspect the motor coupling to determine if it is broken. If the motor coupling is broken, replace it.

Cause 3

Drive Belt

Inspect the drive belt to determine if it is broken or if it is loose on the pulleys. If the drive belt is broken or loose, replace it.

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I replaced the motor coupling and now it works just like before. Thank you for the advice.



David, congratulation on a successful repair ;-)


Hi David: Did you find a video or instructions fro replacing the motor coupling? I have this problem. Know nothing about how to fix a washer.


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