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Republic of Gaming laptop released in 2015 . The GL551J has a GeForce GTX 860M video card and a 15.6" Full HD 1080p display.

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Won't support windows And/Or any other explo systems.

Hello Dear,

My pc has taken a hard shock, by falling under the table.

after, he shut down. And wont boot up, by showing a message : that he doesn't find any exploitation system to boot up with.

i tried too many time to format it but with no answer. it shows blue death screen after the format ends.

after that he stops even completing this format and shows : Error 0x8004245F

And for the temperature its always high. but it works with "Linux Live" for some time, about 30 minuts.

i tried to scan it with linux, gives that the problem is in the temperature but sometimes in the HardDisc.

Please help me solve this problem, and thanks alot for your help i really appreciate you hard working


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Hi @abdellm, since you mentioned that your laptop has encountered a hard / drop shock, most probably the hard drive is damaged.

Try accessing the laptop BIOS and check if there are any diagnostic test for HDD.

If the laptop is still under warranty, send in for service.

else you will need to replace the HDD, just follow ifixit instructions for it, if you have some budget, go for SSD drives.

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Hi @salmonjapan, Okey thank you so much for your responding. i will check it then i'll send back to you, for any other exo problems

- de

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