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Información de reparación para teclados de computadora que no son de Apple.

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Logitech K810 Keyboard Weirdness


My Logitech K810 Wireless Keyboard suddenly started typing weird. As example if I type "A" it give "LA" (both for uppercase and lowercase) and even more oddly it does the same when I type "L" (results as "LA"). Adding on that when I type "S" it results as "S + Enter" and vice versa "Enter" results as "S + Enter". The left arrow gives an "M" and this weird issue appeared the day I came back from a long vacation when everything was OFF (keyboard, mouse and ofcourse the desktop PC). I did try to remove the driver for both the keyboard and bluetooth receiver but it didn't help. I have no clue how and why that happened. I never, absolutely NEVER spilled water or any other liquid on it. Logitech support didn't give any rational answer except telling me that the warranty is already off. Some other letters on the keyboard act weird as well. Does anyone have any clue what could have happened and if there is any way to fix it? Any useful answer would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @tark ,

Have you checked that the batteries for the keyboard are good?

Sometimes low power supply causes funny thing to happen

Check that there isn't a key stuck down in the operated position.

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Hi @jayeff,

The batteries seems fine. By that I mean one full charge goes for more than a week depending on how often I use it. There is no key stuck too. One logitech support answer was to open the keyboard and clean it up. I guess I'll give that a try but that doesn't seem to be the case in my opinion as I said it never had a spill or anything else on it. I tried the keyboard on my MacBook Pro too and the result was same. Desperately searching for a solution...

Thanks for your answer and help

- de

Hi @tark ,

Open a word document or similar and then try pressing gently on the keyboard, anywhere but on a key and see if a character appears on the screen.

It may be that the keyboard "matrix" is shorting out when a key is pressed resulting in the odd combinations.

Alternatively it could be a faulty keyboard controller. This decodes the matrix combination 'grid' references and knows what the correct character that is to be sent. The matrix is how so many keys can be connected to the controller by perhaps only 20 wires. (not sure in your case how many)

Also be aware that you can create more problems than you will solve if you attempt to repair a keyboard.

It is far less stressful to replace it ;-)

- de

Hi @jayeff,

I had the same thought about the keyboard controller. Maybe there is a way to reset it I have no clue though. Sure the most stressless way is to replace it but since the warranty is off and the keyboard costs around $120 in where I live... I will try to open it somehow knowing it is risky. Maybe replacing the battery with a new one would help also, I don't know.

But thanks for your helpful answers, much appreciated.

- de

Hi @tark ,

Remember, take your time.

If it is not going how you want, stop and take a break and then come back. You'll make less mistakes this way.

Good luck with the repair.

- de


I purchased a very clean second hand one of the same keyboard. For now the broken one will stay in the box. I might take my chance to open it up and try to repair whatever is wrong inside of (maybe just wipe the dust of if there is any).

Thank you so much for your replies and helpful advices, highly appreciated.

Have a nice weekend!

- de

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