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Unusual beeps on all Hard Drives


I hope someone can help me with this problem that Google search couldn't give me answers to:

I own 2 Hard Drives; one is a Seagate (5 years old) and the other is a WD (3 months old). I purchased the WD because I thought Seagate could be failing (And Seagate thinks it's failing)

Starting last year, my Seagate would make random "beep" like noises. I have recorded different clips of the sound into one video on Youtube. Despite the odd sound, I have not gotten any errors, any loss, or any BsoD. All disk checks, utilities, boot from bios, official and unofficial programs said the HDD is 100% fine. I even replaced all my SATA plugs to see if that was the cause. My PSU is new because my old one died (the problem occurred during the old one too).

After talking to Seagate... They didn't seem confident that the HDD could be failing. I went ahead and played it safe by buying the WD. I took out the Seagate and added the WD. A week later, the WD starts making the "beep" sound. Like Seagate, WD passed all tests.

I want to know why are my HDDs making that sound even though my computer is 100% working fine. My computer is a built. I'm 100% sure the sounds are from the HDD. I disconnected most of the parts to see if the sounds continue. They stop when I disconnect both HDD. Should I not worry about it since both HDD are working fine? Is there something else that's making them make that noise?

The sounds don't happen continuously, it will do it random. Doesn't matter if it's idled or busy, it will do the sounds when it wants to.

Definitely appreciate the help. It's bugging me!

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Hi @valiee ,

What changed last year when it started?

Did you update/alter/repair anything at the time?

Have you checked BIOS firmware for possible updates, especially if it affected sata or even change to support different OS?

When you say that you've not had any errors, just verifying that there is nothing listed in event viewer re disk problems?

- de

@jayeff The only thing that changed last year was the PSU. My old PSU blew out while it was off. But this problem happened way before the old PSU died.

There's no new BIOS as far as I know. I checked it and last update was in 2014. My computer was built in 2013.

Yes. There are no disk problems listed on event viewer.

- de

iFix ate my updates so I'm going to shorten this up:

I received my WD replacement and I no longer hear the odd noises. I got unlucky receiving a defective drive or USPS ruined another package (It had a dent and my local USPS is terrible at handling packages).

As for the Seagate. It could be the arm that's doing the weird noise. I saw a couple of videos that had similar noises. Comments said theirs did it for a long time, others said it would start doing it and then months past, theirs die. I'll probably just continue using it for awhile until it show signs of death.

Thank you everyone for the help! If someone out there is having this oddly experience like I did, I would just get a new Hard Drive to be safe.

- de

I have the same problem, I replaced the HDD and the new one does the exact same thing. Only difference is mine makes the sounds more often than yours.

- de

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You mentioned PSU.

That's what it sounds like. The hard drive constantly parks its heads, and when you access it, it unparks the heads to transfer data.

Download 2 utilities:

1) Western Digital WinDLG, and do an extended test of the WD drive.

2) Seagate Tools and do the Advanced test to the Seagate Drive.

Go to Settings --> Control Panel --> Power settings, and check all our current power saving schemes and see what the 'put hard drive to sleep' options are set at.

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This problem has occurred before the new PSU. I used those 2 programs, both short and long test. No issues. As for power settings: it's set at 20 minutes.

- de

If SMART hasn't tripped and those test passed, I think its just a design of the hard drives.

- de

@avanteguarde I don't mind the sound being one of those odd permanent computer things. As long the sounds aren't something I should be worried about. My personal files are backed up in an external drive so no concerns of loss data. It's just weird how both HDD made those "beeping" sounds. It's not a continuous sound. It can pop out once every 2 hours, 30 mins, or at the moment, not doing it at all.

Seagate makes a lot more sounds but not continuously with no issues. It's currently disconnected because Seagate thinks it's failing. (it passed all tests) I'm still in a debate about connecting it back.

- de

When you say the Seagate thinks its failing do you mean there is a SMART error, but all other checks say otherwise? If this is the case, SMART is doing its job, and has found something that will cause you grief in the near future. Back your data up on the Seagate immediately and discontinue use.

You can also run its serial number on Seagates website. You may be lucky to have one still under warrant so you can exchange it for free (some came with 5 year warranty).

- de

@avanteguarde Ah I should be more specific, sorry. Seagate as in the Seagate Technical Support. I showed them the video I recorded and they told me to use their Seagate Tools. I did the boot by CD, use the short test and then the long test. After it was finished, Seatools said there were no errors and the HDD passed.

I sent them the log and they said yes it passed. I asked why is it making those weird noises and... They didn't seem to know and simply told me to not use it anymore because it could be failing. So I'm confused with their answer.

And now that WD is doing the noises (but not as bad) I'm really confused. But I notice when my computer is on for 5+ hours, the sounds will happen way less.

I ran the serial number. Says: "Out of Warranty".

So yeah, I'm just wondering since WD is now doing it, it could be just a odd random thing or I got unlucky getting another HDD having a similar odd issue. And if continuing using Seagate is an option.

- de

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Your sound bit doesn't work so not really certain what your hearing but to test the hard drives I use a program called Hard disk sentinel to test hard drives Use the trial version so you don't have to buy . Is the beep continuous or how often do you hear it , how loud ? like a post beep ? could you try to post the soundbit again . Also in the build did you put a fan to blow on the hard drive and if so is the fan set to run when the hard drive spins up . Finally does the sound occur when the hard drive spines up or or will it beep without hearing the drive spin. Like to help if I can ,need a litttle more info and to hear it would be nice

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I fixed the link. I didn't realize the wrong link.

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