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The Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop manufactured by MSI. The GS63VR 6RF is a 15.6" model, released in 2016.

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blue tooth driver missing I think?

blue tooth is not working or showing in manager device. but blue tooth light comes on is all i get . if i turn off the blue tooth on the SCM it will not toggle back on until a restart is done .

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Hi @cajun70582 ,

Have you tried enabling the 'Show Hidden Devices" (in the View tab) in Device Manager just in case it is listed there?

Also check if there is an 'Other Devices' list entry in case it is in there.

Apologies if you have already done these things.

When did it stop working?

Was there an OS update around about the same time that it stopped working?

Have you got a restore point that you can go back to to see if you can make it work this way?

- de

Hi Jayeff

yes when enabling the Show Hidden Devices it is listed their . I am not aware of exactly when it stopped working .

Strange thing is it started working again on its own then hours later it stopped working again , also when it was working it was visible and not in the hidden devices .

- de

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Hi @cajun70582 ,

What is the status of the BT adapter when it is listed in the 'hidden devices' area of Device Manager? (right click on BT adapter >properties > General

Ensure that you have the MSI Win 10 BT driver installed (click on Bluetooth and select version applicable to the adapter) and not the 'generic' Win 10 drivers for the MSI BT adapter.

You may also have a faulty Bluetooth adapter which is causing this.

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It could be a corrupted driver. First, make sure the Blue Tooth device is discoverable and that the computer is searching for Blue Tooth devices at the same time and then paired if discovery is successful.

The best way to update the driver is to go Device Manager then uninstall the device and check box "Delete Driver" (if shown). The click on the Action tab at top of Device Manager and click on Scan for Hardware changes. This should force the computer to download the current driver.

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My device manager is not showing any blue tooth device

- de

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Bluetooth does the same thing to me, it becomes corrupted after a while after every reinstall and fix and just disappears. Windows 10 bugged out Bluetooth and there is no clear solution in sight, even Microsoft cant solve this problem but Bluetooth USB sales have gone up since this bug happened on the finance. Most likely why this wont be fixed for a very long time on purpose. Only other permanent fix I can think of is finding something else like Bluetooth if it even exists to replace it. This bug has effected all my computers and even costed me a job because I couldn't present any of my work. I refuse to go and buy that Bluetooth USB, I will not feed into this bullshit.

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