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Not charging, but recognizes cable

Hello iFixit forum! I've had great answers before, so I decided to try my luck again. I have this iPhone 6s plus that was given to me because it had a bad LCD. I replaced the screen, and then screen works, but the battery will not charge. I can charge the battery just fine with an external battery charger, and the phone works fine. The phone rechognizes the cable (because when the phone was at the dead battery screen it didn't show that it needed the cable plugged in). What could this be?

Thanks in advance!

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Try another charging port dock assembly, you can plug one in and test without needing to install it for charging.

You can test charging IC if it works at all by unplugging the battery then plugging the charging cable in. If you get apple logo at least you know the charging IC is working ok, but if the below does not work then it is definitely charging IC.

If that does not help and you know that your charging cable and wall adapter are working then the next thing would be is to replace the Tristar charging IC chip.

That can be only done by people that do micro-soldering.

If you want you can order a replacement charging port from iFixit here:

iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

And here is the guide on how to replace the part:

Conector Lightning y toma de auricular del iPhone 6s Plus

Note that the logic board does not need to be removed to replace the charging port as specified under the comments section of the guide page which is at the bottom of the page.

Imagen de iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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Thanks a lot for the quick response. I will get a charging port assembly, and try that.

- de

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I’m an iPhone tech. From my experience, it tends to be software glitch prior to suspecting the Tristar IC chip. It is very unlikely that chip gets damaged so I would ALWAYS suspect software first if not the cable or charge port. I worked for Verizon tech support for a couple years and we saw any number of ‘random’ software glitches. Most of the time it’s related to pending software update. I’ve worked on several different model iPhones (not X or newer) where I’ve installed new charge ports, tried different known-good cables, etc.

First step BEFORE having charge port replaced (unless it's loose or has side-to-side play) is to plug into iTunes and restore software. There is very good chance this will fix it without having to wipe phone lose data. Full factory reset is next option. Obviously you should update software before anything if an update is available.

I figured it our the hard way after trying multiple batteries, chargers, and 2 new charge ports. I deduced that if it’s not hardware problem, then the super-glitchy Apply software is the fault. My personal opinion is this is intentional so a certain percentage of customers will ultimately buy a new phone instead of fixing. Software being the culprit or downfall for a phone is very stupid. Good thing there’s iTunes, but for real though these issues should never occur.

Bottom Line: If cable/chargers work for other devices, Always assume software issue first. Troubleshoot hardware next.

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