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Why does my iPhone crash when I use flash?

I've recently replaced the battery on my iPhone 6 and now when I use the flash it crashes to a black screen until plugged in. When the phone restarts, the screen flickers. I'm able to fix the flickering temporarily by unplugging the battery and replugging it but it comes back next time I use the flash. Also, this doesn't happen when the phone is plugged in and charging.

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I would suspect the battery at this point. Use a utility like coconutBattery (Mac) or 3uTools (Windows) to see what the condition of the battery is. If it is showing more than 80% Design Capacity (or Health), then it should be fine. Much less than that, say below 65%, then it may not be able to handle the current load or Apple is effectively throttling the device.

The other possibility is that when you did the battery replacement, you may have damaged something on the battery or the logic board. You could review the steps in this guide to double check your work.

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