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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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MFC-J4510DW paper jams exiting machine after printing

My printer prints the entire page, but then when it feeds the page to the front tray after printing it comes partially out, then you hear the rollers spinning, and then it displays front jam. There is nothing visibly stuck in the machine, having followed the troubleshooting steps several times. Pulling the paper out and then lifting the front of the machine and then closing it clears the jam message and resets the machine, but it does this every time I print. I changed out to fresh paper but that didn't help. Brother support had no answer and the local authorized service center cost to examine and repair was almost if not more than a new similar machine.

Just looking for steps I can try to fix the problem myself before buying a new printer.

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Should anyone have a similar problem, a little update to this issue. After doing some more searching, it was suggested running a piece of glossy paper through the machine. I didn't have any such paper so I tried feeding some card stock through the rear feeder. While the card stock did not feed in, even though it had loaded properly, out of the front of the machine came a page that had clearly been stuck somewhere from a print job that was incomplete a few days ago, which is when the problem started. So there was indeed paper stuck, but where it was stuck remains a mystery to me because I looked in all the places the troubleshooting guide told me to look and there was no sign of paper stuck. Now with this paper ejected the printer seems to be operating normally again.

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Dan's answer worked for me; immensely helpful!


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What it really means is that there's paper where there isn't supposed to be paper, OR, there's no paper where there is supposed to be paper.

Or there's a microscopic speck of dust on one of the jam sensors. Or the sensor itself is malfunctioning.

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