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The Asus Transformer Book T100TAF is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet with a detachable keyboard released in March 2015.

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Why won't my device turn on?

So I've had this device for a while now and it just suddenly wouldn't turn on. I know it is fully charged because of the white light on the power button. I know my charger works because it works on my phone. I've tried doing the "volume down and power button for 15 seconds" thing and the "Windows button and power button for 15 seconds" thing but it didn't fix it. When I press down on the power button, the light on the power button flashes but the light next to the camera won't flash nor will the screen light up. I'm not sure what else to do and I re ally need to get on this device. Any ideas?

My device is an ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF

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Hi, I just had the same problem. I don't use this laptop very often so it sits for weeks without being turned on, but it's always plugged in. From time to time it does not power on.

I did the power plus windows button combination with no success. Then, I did the volume down plus power button for 15 seconds followed by the power button plus the windows button and for some reason, it started up.

Maybe worth a try....

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Man, your solution was very helpful thank you!

- de

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This is what worked for me;

1. Find a heavy duty rubber band or some electrical tape that can hold the power button down for a long time.

2. Disconnect the power supply

3. Have the band push on the power button until the PC turns on

4. Leave it running for a long time to completely drain the battery - 10 hours or more

5. Once it is completely dead, remove the rubber band

6. Plug in the power supply and wait 20 minutes. You want to see the light steady orange at this time

7. Turn the PC on with normal 2-second push on power

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