Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Black screen stuck dfu error 4005

Hi Everyone

Without the screen I cant get it in dfu modus again? Please help me out..

I tried some options from Jim and people

Says the screen off works sometimes

So anybody know why that not work for me?

Had a touch probleem and fixed it bij putting a sim card in between the cables and plate. Them I saw one pixel so get it off again before that Turned off the phone when it was still connected to to MB so set a little peace of tech tape in between instead off the simcard put everything back together and now it is dead! Tryed Almost everything software wise.

Only thing what I can find is the the screwdread where the under screw from the lcd plate go's in. In broken but put in back on its place... so am so frustratred been busy for days. Got no money left



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This is a belated answer so hopefully it can be of use to folks who search for and find this question.

I guess there are two issues here. The first one is that this phone seems to suffer from Touch Disease. Placing sim cards or other objects to apply pressure on the Touch IC is at bets, a temporary solution and at worst, one that will make the original issue (broken traces) even worse.

However in this case, it sounds like there was some damage to one of the screw standoffs for the screen connector retaining bracket. Underneath those standoffs are very tiny traces of copper and they can be damaged by either an over tightened screw digging into the copper or by the physical damage caused when the standoff is ripped from the logic board. This type of damage would cause all types of boot errors and the only way to potentially correct this is via a micro-soldering repair.

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