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The 5th generation BMW 3 Series is based on the E9X platform. The car pictured is a E90 chassis. The E9X chassis was used from 2004-2013 when the F1X chassis was released. When talking about a non-specific chassis, this generation is typically referred to as the E9X chassis since there are multiple chassis for this generation of 3 series, depending on the body style (E90/E91/E92/E93).

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My car doesn't want to start.

Every time I start my car it goes brr brr brum brruum instead of bruum bruuum. What should I do?

Please help me, because car = my life.

Best Regards,

Pametna Muha

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@pametnamuha Have you checked you car battery?

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Yes, I have put my tongue on it and it shocked me.

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Buddy check all the plugs and coils, fuel supply is working fine or not if the starter is rotating then battery is fine.

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my 2011n 3281 had this problem. it was the relay to the ecm, mine is on the far right check the relay. It will be in the fuse box and is the big square black or green. check you fuse diagram

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A failing battery will begin to show symptoms before failing all together. This car has a smart battery harness. If the computer senses that the battery is no longer outputting the voltage or amperage it begins to shut down “non-essential” operations. For example you may notice that the rear defogger stopped working, or the climate control fan is no longer working on the higher settings, or the dimming mirrors stop dimming. If this happens you’ll likely need a new battery, any auto parts or service center can check the charging system. You can replace it yourself but will need an OBD II device to “re-register” the new battery so that the computer recognizes it.

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